All classes are ALL LEVELS

Please note, all of our classes have now transitioned to the traditional model of a “school term” requiring commitment to the entire duration of the term.

Please email us at with your interest in joining our terms.

In addition, please check our website regularly for special drop-in classes and workshops. And please remember you can always practice with Elizabeth at the vibrant SONIC YOGA on Tuesdays at 12:30pm! A very quick Citibike ride up the Hudson River to 50th Street or the C/E train.

Go to our Events + Workshops page for more information on all special classes.

For advance registration for workshops/events, trainings and retreats, please email to reserve your spot and send a check to:

P.O. BOX 959
New York, NY 10013

No Refunds on Class or Workshop purchases.

shriyoga etiquette + practice guidelines

Our etiquette and guidelines for the practice of yoga in a community/group setting is offered with respect for the tradition as a sacred study and for a pleasant, focused experience for all.

  • Please arrive on time and sign in before class begins. All payments for term classes are by check, ChaseQuickpay or Venmo prior to the beginning of the Term.
  • Make sure that your body, clothing and mat are clean and odor free.  Traditionally yogis bathe before and after class.  In modern times, this ritual is impractical, yet, cleanliness is a Shriyoga requirement, as our space is intimate.
  • Please do not wear any perfume, colognes, after shave or other scented body and hair oils.  Many people have allergies and extreme sensitivities to the chemicals in these products.
  • You must bring your personal mat and water.
  • Please buzz for entry no sooner than 10 minutes prior to class time.
  • If more than 7 minutes late, please come another time, and do not ring buzzer as class is in session.
  • Prepare to be barefoot – All shoes must be removed before entering the practice space as we are a shoe-free environment at all times.
  • Please cooperate with your fellow yogis to make room for everyone.  Sometimes people are shy about asking a fellow yogi to make room for them, so please initiate creating space if you are one of the first yogis to arrive for class.
  • If you are NEW to Shriyoga, please fill out the NEW STUDENT FORM before class.
  • Please turn OFF all cell phones and pagers before entering the practice space. Vibrating mode does not count as OFF. Please keep all cell phones in your bags and away from the practice area.
  • If you forget and your cell rings during class, please immediately go to turn it off.
  • It is recommended to practice on an empty stomach.
  • Inform the teacher before class if you are pregnant or have any injuries.
  • Bring a towel if you tend to sweat profusely (and men, we respectfully request that you wear a shirt as our practice space is privately owned).
  • Please be conscientious in the bathroom and clean up after yourself.
  • Do not enter or leave during the final savasana (resting pose) at the end of class as it is extremely disruptive to others, potentially disturbing the most healing part of the class.
  • Please be considerate of the space by picking up after yourself and neatly folding blankets before replacing them and other borrowed props to the shelf.
  • We encourage connecting with your fellow yogis before or after class but not during class as it is disruptive to the tranquil and supportive space we are attempting to create for each other.  Please be respectful of those yogis who wish to begin meditating at the start of class by keeping your voices low and conversations to a bare minimum.  Likewise, at the end of class, be aware that some people may not wish to interact to retain their peaceful state.

private lessons

A focused, one to one lesson exploring yoga, pranayama (breath work), meditation and/or Self-inquiry on a more personal level. Private lessons are a wonderful opportunity to unravel any aspect of your practice that continually challenges you, as well as refining elements of the practice already discovered. Identify exactly what you need to breathe more fully, dive deeper, sit with ease or simply recognize who you really are.

Please email to enquire about the rates which are dependent on the teacher, time traveled/distance to your home or office, time of day/night and length of session.

1 hour private sessions are one to one, between one student and the teacher.

1.5 hour private sessions can be shared with one friend for no additional charge.

Additional rates apply for private lessons of 3 or more people.  Group private lessons are always 1.5 hour.

Please note that when sharing a session, all participants must generally be at the same level of ability with no significant injuries or physical limitations.

NEW SKYPE private sessions with Elizabeth;  rates dependent on length of session, day and time.


Elizabeth Rossa is now available for Reiki sessions as either an “add-on” to a yoga/meditation session or simply on its own.

Reiki is an intelligent, Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which can promote a sense of profound well-being. The benefits of a Reiki session are now being recognized in many healing centers and hospitals.  The premise is that “Ki” the life force energy moving through us can be be improved with a direct intention and openness to the idea of “Rei”, the power of a wisdom of a Universal Presence. Although a spiritual practice, Reiki is non-dogmatic and is in no way a conflict of specific spiritual beliefs, systems or tradition. Reiki is an inclusive, supportive and caring practice; a practice that respects our existence as inherently sacred.


SHRIYOGA aims to present a variety of special workshops and events to assist you in diving deeper into all aspects of your yoga and meditation practice.  Join our excellent SHRIYOGA teachers and visiting guests, all handpicked for their expertise and transcendent teaching.

For workshops and training reservations, please call or email and include your NAME, PHONE, and workshop

Please respect our NON-REFUNDABLE policy on all canceled advance reservations for guest/visiting teacher workshops.

In the case of cancellation, you can transfer it to a friend. Otherwise, please read cancellation policy below.

Shriyoga reserves the right to cancel any program at any time.

Workshop + Training Cancellation Policy:
If you cancel a workshop at least seven full days before the start of your workshop(s),
your non-refundable deposit, less a $25-per-workshop/less a $50-per-training, per-person processing fee, will be transferred to a non-refundable credit account to be used within one year for other Shriyoga classes and events.

If you cancel a workshop with less than three full days notice, you forfeit your entire payment.

Cancellations must be made by phone 212.343.9642 or emailing  “Seven full days” means Sunday before a Sunday workshop, and by Friday before a Friday workshop.  “Three full days” means by Wednesday for a Saturday workshop, and by Thursday for a Sunday workshop, etc.  On occasion, there will be a no cancellation/refund policy for specific guest teachers with a tremendous following and limited workshop capacity which translates into a sold-out event. Please note that you can always send a friend in your place in case of an unforeseen situation which prevents you from attending a pre-paid, sold-out event. Please read the specific workshop/event descriptions carefully for special policies.