Shriyoga Zoom Details, Practice Guidelines + Etiquette:

All classes are currently being taught online at Zoom.  Class times listed are in Eastern Time as we are in NYC.  Please adjust accordingly for your local time zone.  Our etiquette and guidelines for the practice of yoga in a community/group setting is offered with respect for the tradition as a sacred study and a focused experience for all.

  • All classes on the Schedule are linked to our Zoom room, 5 minutes prior to the start of class  click on the class you wish to join and you will be directed either straight to the Zoom room or to a waiting room until we open the class.  The password for our Saturday drop-in classes is 72729 (except for the Term classes which require commitment to a 7 week “Term” to attend).
  • Our Saturday donation based class is a spirited effort towards a shared and sustainable economy. For entry to class, all donations must be made no later than 15 minutes prior to class time.  We prefer  ZELLE:  Our VENMO handle is @shriyoga however,  you must email us prior for instructions on how to label your attendance. Again, we prefer ZELLE.
  • New students, please email to introduce yourself at least 24 hours prior to participating, and note any physical concerns including pregnancy.  We require everyone practicing with us to understand proper modifications to support safety first.
  • Please: one adult human being per screen in all group classes. 
  • We honor our virtual practice space with the same respect as a physical practice space.  Upon entry your mic will be muted to establish a quiet focus.  Please use the CHAT function to ask any questions at the start of class. 
  • Please set up your practice space with your video off and only turn it ON when you are ready to practice.  Those practicing in the Shriyoga space must have their videos ON in order for Elizabeth to guide the practice and teach effectively.   This class is not a “show and tell class” and therefore, there is no need to look at your screen at all.  The intention is for you to be fully absorbed in your direct inner experience.
  • Please stay for the final savasana (resting pose) at the end of class as it is the most healing part of the class. The savasana is short in the Zoom format.  Elizabeth/teacher will give options which will serve those needing to leave exactly on time and those desiring a longer savasana and parting chant. 
  • If on occasion you know that you must leave prior to the official end of class, set an alarm for 5 minutes prior to the time you must leave and when it goes off, make your way on to your back for savasana. When the teacher sees you in savasana they will turn off your video and you will be able to exit freely without disruption.   
  • If you have any questions regarding the Zoom platform, please email us at

Donations for Classes:  


VENMO:  @shriyoga
Donations/offerings are to be made no later than 15 minutes prior to class time for entry.
Donations/Offerings are an important element to the sustainability of the group classes.  No amount is too small and is sincerely appreciated.
The 15 minute rule is in order to find the right balance between stability/boundaries and freedom/ease. 
Those of you who have been offering more than the typical class amount, thank you for making it possible for Elizabeth to donate her teaching services to those experiencing extreme financial hardship.  Your extra generosity also has supported Elizabeth’s on-going education with her teachers who are now seniors experiencing the new challenges presented by on-line teaching.
It has been amazing to experience the flow of sharing resources since the pandemic lockdown of March 2020.   Your donations have been reached many communities through Elizabeth’s outreach.
If you need to make other arrangements or have questions, please email us at

Please see below the descriptions for the classes currently live on our online schedule.  All are Eastern time.


90 Day Meditation Challenge every day: 12pm-12:25m ET* 

September 23, 2023 – December 21, 2023

Classes are open to ALL.

Donations/offerings via Venmo (@shriyoga) or Zelle (

Please email to join at any point during the challenge.  Never to late to start.

The question, “Why Meditate?” is a growing topic in conversation.

The simplest answer is to just be.

However, it isn’t that simple.  Life presents a paradoxical complication for humans who are a constant flow of ideas, exchanges and relationships.

Therefore, the intention to meditate holds a space for us to pause, breathe and notice that we are both being and becoming.

The great philosophical traditions present our existence as a pulsing and creative, never-ending flow of consciousness which manifests in diversity.

During our time together we will experiment with a variety of subtle and powerful contemplative techniques which will encourage a centered, calm and an expanded view of ourselves.  We will cultivate this expansion through awareness of our breath, our senses and imagination to bridge into the mystery of Source.

All welcome including the skeptical and dubious.

Community Yoga For All:

Saturdays 11:00am ET

Any class that is listed as “Community” on the schedule is OPEN to all levels and is 1 hour.  The password for all of the above classes is 72729.  Anyone who joins the Community Yoga is also welcome to stay for meditation immediately following yoga-asana practice.

Advanced Registration Classes:    

Shriyoga 6:30pm-7:50pm  Monday Term Class

Next Term, “FALL 2023, Part 2” begins in November 6, 2023.

Shriyoga 9:30am-10:50am Tuesday and Thursday Term Classes

Next Term, “WINTER 2024 Part 1” begins in January.  Dates TBA

Both the Monday and Tuesday classes allow for a rare level of study and focused attention from Elizabeth with a committed group of 12 students per term. These class will have a “super subtle” element to it which will allow people who are skilled practitioners AND have injuries, surgeries and illness, whether acute or chronic to join the class.

At the moment, the group is comprised of local downtown New Yorkers who were practicing together for years prior to the pandemic AND many new dedicated practitioners who have come to Shri Yoga by word of mouth in the time since March 2020.  If you are interested in participating, you might find practicing with our community a great opportunity to connect sincerely through heart-centered intention and presence.  Please email us at  It is uplifting to study and create continuity with the same group every week!

Private Lessons

A focused, one to one lesson exploring any limb of yoga as a way of living, including, asana, pranayama, meditation and concentrative practices, including mantra and chanting  Private lessons are a wonderful opportunity to unravel any aspect of your practice that continually challenges you.  Refinement of elements of the practice already known is another gift of one to one study.  Identify exactly what you need to breathe more fully, dive deeper, sit with ease or simply recognize who you really are.

Please email to enquire about availability and the rates, which are dependent on the day and time requested. 

1 hour private lessons are one to one, between one student and the teacher

Elizabeth uses Skype, FaceTime and ZOOM for private lessons.

Reiki + Healing

Elizabeth Rossa is now available for Reiki sessions as either an “add-on” to a yoga/meditation session or simply on its own.

Reiki is an intelligent, Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation which can promote a sense of profound well-being. The benefits of a Reiki session are now being recognized in many healing centers and hospitals.  The premise is that “Ki” the life force energy moving through us can be improved with a direct intention and openness to the idea of “Rei”, the power of a wisdom of a Universal Presence. Although a spiritual practice, Reiki is non-dogmatic and is in no way a conflict of specific spiritual beliefs, systems or tradition. Reiki is an inclusive, supportive and caring practice; a practice that respects our existence as inherently sacred.

Reiki healings are being offered in only the “distance” format.  It is still profoundly effective.

Super Subtle Yoga Monthly Term Class

Dates To Be Announced for WINTER 2024

This new Super Subtle yoga class will be geared toward those people who are skilled practitioners AND have injuries, surgeries and illness, whether acute or chronic. 
It will be a quieter and much deeper healing experience than other open classes available on the schedule.  Those of you with active injuries are encouraged to attend.  This is not a “beginners class”, it is a class allowing more space, detail and internal focus to actually figure out what your body-mind needs to experience freedom and health. 
Please email us at with any questions or interest in joining this class.

A BEGINNER’S MIND Early Morning Series: Finding your Inner Sun Salutation

with Elizabeth Rossa

Dates 2024TBA
Venmo @Shriyoga or Zelle at

An introspective study of the ritual of Sun Salutations as Meditation.

For more information, click here.

Fundamentally Advanced

Resumes in 2024 TBA.

Fundamentally Advanced is especially geared towards anyone desiring a dose of  “The Beginners Mind”, which is actually an advanced state of mind … approaching Life, your self with a fresh response.

The classes are open to anyone who is willing to move at a slower, more deliberate, detailed pace to study “how” to practice with an internal focus, and potentially learning that yoga is beckoning from within your very own body-mind.

If you have never practiced with Elizabeth “in person” before, it is also a good opportunity as she will assist you in getting the hang of how to listen to the alignment cues and the basic sequencing/Sun Salutations, without having a teacher physically model poses for you.

Join us and let go of the impulse and need to push, strain and “do” your yoga.

If you are brand new and reluctant to join a group, please email us at to set up a private lesson.  Elizabeth is willing to teach two discounted private lessons per month to help ease you into the group classes.