website design

  • SHRIYOGA’s corporate brand identity and website were exclusively designed by LISA FAYE HAMES, founder/creative director of PURPLE PURPLE DESIGN UTOPIA
    (See left image of Lisa Faye Hames + Elizabeth hugging after Elizabeth had the privilege of marrying Lisa + her husband, Marc de Bourcy)

website development

art realization + manifestation

  • ART PRODUCTION FUND is a non profit corporation dedicated to helping artists realize difficult-to-produce works, reaching new audiences and expanding public participation and understanding of contemporary art. APF assists with projects that might otherwise remain unrealized in order to support artists’ vision and at the same time bring pivotal works to diverse communities.

esteemed yoga, meditation and reiki teachers


  • Laurie Berg, Shriyoga’s studio manager and Elizabeth’s lefthand woman, is also a jewelry designer, dancer and choreographer. Check out her jewelry at  Get an original commissioned piece by Laurie and support her art!

metal and thread

  • Denise Carbonell and Derek Dominy’s mission at Metal and Thread is to bring the work of local artisans to the eyes and hearts of New Yorkers and passerbys.  They endeavor to remind each other what a hand made item looks and feels like… they celebrate the hand in an object.  Please check them out in Redhook, Brooklyn at
  • Metal and Thread is one of the many businesses devastated by Hurricane Sandy.  If you have the desire and ability to help please go to  You can also donate directly to the rebuilding of their particular shop by clicking HERE.

le japamala di samsara

  • Monica De Lucia, is a wonderful yogini who has practiced with Elizabeth in Italy. Elizabeth has found both Monica, and her beloved, Claudio to be two of the kindest people on the planet and looks forward to teaching at their studio in Parma later in 2013. Monica has also created beautiful japamalas made with exquisite semi-precious stones and crystals. Her intention as a yogini is infused in each of the pieces as she brings her heart into each and every one. Please click HERE for further information.

incredible dental care

  • ARI J. KRAMER is a warm and generous member of our yoga community, and a knowledgeable, caring and wise dentist who Elizabeth recommends highly.  His office is located at:
    30 Central Park South
    NY, NY 10019
    Tel: 212-371-1441
    Fax: 212-980-5735

yoga mats from khataland

    Khataland Mats are the one and only folding yoga mat that provides the best travel experience for Yogis.  Easy to take with you to class, work, the gym and on trips.  These eco friendly mats are non-allergenic, non-toxic, and are completely phthalate free!  Visit to learn more about these amazing mats.
    *In order to receive the discount please put the code “shri” into the affiliate code section and NOT the coupon code section.