grassroots movement

Hail Shriyogis and all curious yogis!

We practice at two grassroots locations, 481 Greenwich Street and 487 Greenwich Street.

We refer to these two incredible lofts as: Shriyoga Annex (buzzer #1, 481 Greenwich Street) and Shriyoga Penthouse Sanctuary (buzzer #7, 487 Greenwich Street).  Classes on our schedule page will indicate the location.

About Shriyoga’s location history: We left our much celebrated original studio at 443 Greenwich Street in the Fall of 2009.  We were the very last tenants in the building, which then sat unoccupied for many years before eventually undergoing a renovation into what has become one of the most expensive (and “paparazzi-proof” condominiums in Manhattan).  A number of spirited Shriyogis did not want us to move from the neighborhood, so they opened their home lofts for the continuation of Shriyoga in what became our Grassroots Movement era. The Grassroots Movement has cultivated a depth of dedication and community amongst those who choose to practice with us in these various and intimate home spaces.

After many shifts with our class protocol, we eventually evolved into a term model in the Fall of 2014. It has been widely embraced. Terms are generally 12 weeks and divided into Fall, Winter, and Spring. Commitment to the term is required for participation. If you are interested in our classes, please email us at

Depending on how you look at it, it is an old-fashioned or new-fashioned way of coming together as a community to practice: it’s simple. No hard sales, no desk staff hounding you; just yoga with like-minded and -hearted NYC neighbors. We are here to welcome you, and you will see many familiar faces.

New Shriyoga friends, please do not hesitate to email us with further questions. Namaste.