Costa Rica Retreat 2012

Please enjoy the adventures of Shriyoga\'s February and July 2012 retreats to the Osa Peninsula. Also included, are photos of Elizabeth\'s recent personal retreat at The Sanctuary at Two Rivers which is nestled between 2 rivers and a waterfall at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula. The upcoming Winter 2013 retreats will be held on both the Osa and Nicoya Peninsulas which represent Costa Rica as one of the most beautiful, biologically diverse places on the planet with the kindest people to be found. Two retreats are in the planning stages for the winter of 2013: back to back. Both the Osa and Nicoya. This gallery will give you a glimpse of the lush adventure awaiting us. You may just decide to attend both!

Summer Solstice Celebration 2011


Shriyoga Grassroots

The Shriyoga Grassroots experiment has been a great success. Since having to depart the 443 Greenwich space in August of 2009, we have enjoyed an intimate neighborhood yoga practice while welcoming yogis from all over the world. In our early days, we focused on the teachings and connection as friends, and over time our dedicated community has grown in depth. The pictures in this gallery capture both the intimacy of our \"studio\" and also the joy of our larger group events celebrating various Solstices to the transformative sounds of electric cellist, Topu Lyo. All photos on this page taken by either an Iphone or Blackberry.

Saints, Gurus + Teachers

Saints, Gurus and Teachers is essentially a puja gallery. An opportunity to honor and give thanks to the inspired ones who continue to pave the way for deeper understanding. Elizabeth gives special thanks to her brilliant mentor, Sally Kempton, for igniting the spark which led Elizabeth to seek out Ram Dass and his teachings of Neem Karoli Baba\'s expansive love. Amongst the images of this gallery is a recent photo of Elizabeth with her primary yoga teachers, Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor of the Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado.

Shriyoga Friends

Shriyoga Friends is just beginning! In fact, this collection of photos is just a smattering of the many photos that were taken over the years, and we will be adding from our archives and hope to being adding new ones as we become less camera shy over at our grassroots lofts. If any of you Shriyoga Friends out there have some special pictures from your days of practicing with us, please send them our way for posting. This initial collection includes pictures of some our youngest Shriyogis, Lauren Rossa and Langston Stahler, Virayoga Founder, Elena Brower, the incredible LA based yoga teacher, Tara Judelle, the newest Shriyoga teacher, Denise Fahmie (being wrapped up with Elizabeth by Cuatro Villareal at Summer Solstice 2009), and Yvonne, Leo and Cuatro Villareal in what may be some of the most inspired Halloween costumes yet.

Elizabeth at Richard Freeman 2011 Teacher Intensive, Boulder, CO

Elizabeth completed the much celebrated month-long 200 hour yoga teacher intensive with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor at their Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado. The intensive, which was a deep exploration of the internal principles and forms of Ashtanga Yoga, was an unprecedented experience in Elizabeth’s journey as a student of yoga. Both Richard and his wife Mary embody a level of integrity, intelligence and humor in their teachings which is unparalleled. Elizabeth will be unpacking this new knowledge in asana, philosophy, meditation, chanting and therapeutics in her teaching for many years to come!

Tulum, Mexico Shriyoga Retreats 2009-2011

Shriyoga\'s second home on the planet after NYC is the timeless, healing and regenerative beach of Tulum, Mexico. The following collection of images were taken at various retreats since October of 2008 through present day at the Shambala Petit Hotel. Roberto, the owner, of this incredible shala on the beach has been a true brother to Shriyoga during our transition time and hosted a retreat as a gift to the core group of those who kept the studio alive and breathing. Our incredible studio manager, Laurie Berg is pictured in the second photo in between Elizabeth and Emma-Kate in the celebration dinner shot.

Tulum, Mexico Shriyoga Retreat 2004-2008

Enjoy pictures from early Shriyoga retreats including the inaugural retreat co-taught by original Shriyoga founders, Elizabeth Rossa and Sadie Nardini.

Ram Dass 2007

Yogic Studies