Awakened Heart Meditation Immersion: An Eight-Night Deep Practice Retreat
May 24- June 1, 2018 | Mount Madonna Retreat Center, Watsonville, CA

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The Retreat: This spring retreat offers a deep dive into guided meditation practice and non-dual meditation philosophy. It’s open to students and practitioners who want to immerse themselves in retreat practice. Sally believes the retreat will create a foundation to go deeper in your personal practice but also deepen your capacity to guide others, whether as a yoga teacher, therapist, professional meditation instructor, high school or college teacher, or practitioner wanting to share your practice.

The Content: The retreat will include periods of silence, on-going self-inquiry, personal and group discussion on what it means to deepen meditation, mutual meditation practices with a partner, active and meditation-focused asana practice, and several short and long (45 minutes to one hour) sessions of meditation each day. Elizabeth Rossa will also be providing dynamic and contemplative Hatha Yoga.

Sally will present a wealth of material, including an in-depth overview of meditation as a practice and as a way of life. You will:

explore with complete openness what a long-term meditation practice entails and look deeply into how different styles and types of meditation impact us,

discover self-inquiry in your practice and determine which forms of meditation to practice at particular times, and

look at what it takes to develop personal intuition around meditation and how your intuition can be applied to those we teach or work with.

In addition, we’ll challenge some of the myths around meditation. We will practice intensely and deeply, exploring and examining several powerful approaches to meditation, including Eastern and Western heart-based practice, Vedantic and Tantric Awareness practices, body-based meditations, visual and subtle body practice (including deity practice and devotional practices), active meditation, and of course, mantra practice.

The Emphasis: Along with deep practice of different types of meditation (including active, moving meditation, and meditation for insight and creativity), we will emphasize three things.

First, deeply exploring the stages and processes of meditation itself, through experiential practices as well as lectures and discussions that unpack the in-depth philosophical and methodological overview of both eastern and western approaches.

Second, satsang—that is, communicating your own experiences and issues in meditation in small groups, and giving instruction to others in a way that is authentic to your inner experience and the level of the people with whom you are communicating.

Third, in-depth discussion of what it takes to sustain a meditation practice without getting stagnant. We will share insights and methods for committing to a practice that is sustainable for you, and which also allows your own intuitive creativity in navigating the inner world.

The Follow-up: During the retreat, we will individually and together explore our own commitment to practice. For those of you who choose, we’ll create support groups designed to sustain each of us over a period of time.

The Accomodations: Mount Madonna is a beautiful, well-supported, and spiritually powerful center in the coastal mountains near Santa Cruz, California, overlooking Monterey Bay.  Offering vegetarian meals, walking trails, spa treatments, an Ayurvedic center, and several types of accommodations, it is a perfect backdrop for a  deep retreat experience. You can check out their site at