Schedule Notices

Let in the Light!

In the Spirit of the removing obstacles and the transformative power of fierce love, please enjoy our newest song GANAPATAYE + our full LP CHAMUNDA  on our private Soundcloud links through November 2020.

Shriyoga News has further musings on our evolving creative journey at Laboratory of the Self  +  Events has details on our award winning music video/short film of Ganapataye which the trailer can be viewed on instagram @laboratoryoftheself

NOW:  Classes continue alive and on-line by donation to serve all.  Any size donation is appreciated no later than 15 minutes prior to class for entry.

VENMO – @shriyoga
A check by US Mail is also welcome. Please email us the day prior to the class time you wish to attend with your intention to do so.  We want all included!

Please read the schedule each week for any changes.  If the dates do not appear accurate, please refresh your cache.

All community and meditation classes are on Eastern Time and linked to corresponding Zoom rooms with the password 72729.

Please go to the Classes page where all details/descriptions can be found, including meeting IDs and answers to most questions.  Term classes require pre-registration.

Elizabeth will continue to teach with her focused and detailed style.  Be prepared to get some direct feedback, her eyes will be on us!

is where you can read Elizabeth’s current musings.

Please note that Johnny Rossa and Ylfa Edelstein have joined our Meditation teaching community.  Join Johnny on Fridays at 5pm for 30 minutes and Ylfa on Tuesdays at 12noon for 30 minutes.  These 30 minute dives will integrate, clarify and ground us in the present moment!  All donations for these meditations can be made through the Shriyoga venmo with a note mentioning their name.  100% will be transferred to them.

Thank you for your generosity.  Your support has been critical to our ability to offer these classes. It has been a joy to witness the sharing in our community at this profoundly challenging time. We will continue to explore new ways, re-defining the transactional, which supports our society as a whole.

We will also continue our new tradition of making regular donations from our classes to causes beyond our own personal concerns.  For the remainder of 2020 our support is directed to Equal Justice Initiative.

The main thing is to share!  Share our resources in ways that can bring people up to live with dignity and grace, enjoying the riches of planet Earth which is a home to all.

For undivided attention please email for private yoga, pranayama and meditation lessons with Elizabeth.  She is also a Reiki practitioner at the Master Level.