Schedule Notices

Greetings Shriyoga Friends!

We are sending you wishes of rest and relaxation, as our term classes are on a summer hiatus as we enter a time of creating space for travel and study.

Elizabeth is away this week joining her teacher, Sally Kempton, on retreat in Mount Madonna. She looks forward to returning to share the teachings and wisdom from the Awakened Heart Meditation Immersion. To learn more about this and other special classes, please see our workshops + events page.

We hope to offer several special classes and workshops over the summer, please continue to check back and sign up for our newsletter or email us at to stay in touch!

Private yoga and meditation sessions are also available by appointment for those of you wishing undivided attention.

You can always join Elizabeth on a "drop-in" basis up at the vibrant SONIC YOGA every Tuesday for a one hour class at 12:30pm. A very quick Citibike ride up the Hudson River to 944 8th avenue, at 56th Street, or subway trip on the C/E to 50th or A/B/D/1 to 59th Street.

For Shriyoga Etiquette and Guidelines go to our CLASSES page on


schedule: may 28-jun 3

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