Schedule Notices

Wishing you Well-being Shri Community!

Still Here.  Interconnected.  Grateful.

In the spirit of our connection,  the full online Zoom schedule of donation based, real time classes will continue with Elizabeth Rossa.

All of the Yoga and Meditation classes are linked to corresponding Zoom rooms.  The password for all of these classes is:  74745.  If your device asks for a meeting ID, it is the same as the link, which is on the Classes page, where all details and descriptions can be found.

The Tuesday 10am is a private group.  For attendance to the Thursday 10am please email us.

Elizabeth’s style is focused and detailed.  Be prepared to get some direct feedback, as her eyes will be on us!

All classes continue on a “donation” basis, which simply means: offer what you can afford to share:

VENMO – @shriyoga
ZELLE – or..
Check by US Mail. 🙂
Any amount is appropriate as we evolve with the times.
Donations/offerings are greatly appreciated at the time of class: before or just after.
If you wish to make one offering for multiple classes, please do so at the start of the week and make mention of dates in your Venmo or Zelle transaction. (If you end up missing a class, you are always welcome to make it up on another day.)
Let’s create EASE together in the spirit of community, re-defining what is transactional.  If you sincerely need the gift of yoga/meditation, we are willing to give!
Visit the Classes page for class descriptions and Zoom details. We are on Eastern Time so please adjust according to your time zone.
Download the app onto your device and ensure it has video camera and audio capabilities so that you can see the teacher and the teacher can see you… if you wish to be seen!

For undivided attention please email fo private yoga, pranayama and meditation lessons with Elizabeth.  She is also a Reiki practitioner at the Master Level.

News of our CHAMUNDA music project worldwide release coming soon as we prepare to share our secret bonus track with guest chanter, Lucia Ribisi!