Schedule Notices

Wishing you Well-being Shri Community!

Nothing is as expected. We are all transitioning towards a new way of living together in harmony.  It probably doesn’t feel that way right now because transitions are generally challenging.  Letting go, letting it unfold…. “Not Knowing”.  Quarantines and social distancing do not mean disconnection.  We are connected and COVID-19 is our teacher of how profoundly connected we actually are.  This time is about our path as Humanity, rather than our paths as individuals.  Our path as Humanity demands that we recognize what is best for all concerned which has immense nuance.

In the spirit of connection, Elizabeth is offering a full online Zoom schedule of donation based, real time classes.  To the right of this Notice is the Schedule page, with links in each class automatically redirecting to our Zoom Room.  All classes will be taught by Elizabeth in her very detailed style, so be prepared to get some direct feedback on your practice! 🙂

It is important to check out our Classes page for descriptions of the various classes.  The Tuesday 10am Spring Term class is a pre-registered group of NYC regulars and is not open to others at this time.  The Thursday 10am “Deep Dive” class is open to anyone who has practiced with Elizabeth in person for at least a year, and requires you to contact us for the password.  All times are listed as Eastern Time so remember to adjust according to your time zone.

Offerings/donations can be made by Venmo to @shriyoga or via ZELLE to  Everyone is asking us what is an appropriate amount.  We want everyone to be included so no amount is too small!  We mean it.  We are evolving with the changing times.  Some of you are asking for a weekly donation amount to attend all classes. If that is the case, please contact us while we figure out the best way to do so.
Please email us with any questions including requests to be guests as we fully understand the economic uncertainty of these times.  Fortunately, others in our community have been generous so we can share! 🙂
Finally, please remember that the Meditation on Mondays, 7:30-8:30pm,  is a GIFT from Elizabeth.  Please share with anyone and everyone!
Before the start of class, go to to download the app onto your device and ensure that that device has video camera and audio capabilities so that you may see the teacher and the teacher may see you, if you wish to be seen!
For a detailed description of how Zoom works, please go to our Classes page.

For undivided attention: private yoga, pranayama and meditation lessons are available by appointment.

News of our CHAMUNDA music project worldwide release coming soon as we prepare to share our secret bonus track with guest chanter, Lucia Ribisi!