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Happy Summer Solstice Shriyoga friends!

Our term group classes are now on Summer hiatus and will resume in the Fall.
For future term classes please email us at
Please also note that Elizabeth’s long-awaited on-line mentoring class is in session.  We are currently accepting applications for entry to the program in September. Please email for further application details.

For undivided attention: private yoga, pranayama and meditation lessons with Elizabeth are available by appointment.

Our Meditation + Mantra class and the popular Monday 6:30pm yoga class will return later in 2019.
For those of you preferring “drop-in” classes, Elizabeth’s final class at Sonic Yoga is this Tuesday, June 25th at 12:30-1:30pm. Then, beginning on Tuesday July 9th, Elizabeth will be teaching at the new wonderful Balance Arts Center at 151 W. 30th Street on the 3rd Floor.  We are in the beautiful and sunlit Room 5.  Please arrive 5-10 minutes early if you need to change prior to the start of the class.  Elizabeth will begin guiding everyone into the depth and power of breath at 12:30pm when we enter our room.  Please make sure you are in the Room at 12:37pm as we will then chant together before officially starting.  At 1:30pm, those needing to return to work and other commitments will be guided from the practice to re-entry into “the world”, however those of you able can remain with Elizabeth for an additional 15 minute guided meditation.  At 1:45pm, there will be time to ask Elizabeth pressing questions as we gather ourselves to exit no later than 2pm from Room 5.  There is a lovely common area where further quiet conversation can be continued after class depending on Elizabeth’s private lesson schedule.

News of our CHAMUNDA music project worldwide release coming soon as we finish mixing our secret bonus track with guest chanter, Lucia Ribisi!


Schedule: June 23-June 29




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