what is shriyoga?

SHRIYOGA is a movement, not another style or tradition of yoga. It is a community of people who are ever evolving as they deepen their study into the nature of the Self and the path into the true heart of the practice. The roots of SHRIYOGA begin with the non-dualist approach of Tantric yogis and scholars, who realized that each one of us is the whole of all universal consciousness. True wisdom is recognizing that everything we need is already within us right now.

As we practice trusting our strength, tuning into our capacity for compassion, conviction and commitment, there is always an opportunity for each of us to step fully into our powerful hearts. The challenge is to wake up now, recognize our already present union with Self, the source of our radiant power and align our choices with that recognition.

SHRI, or life-affirming energy, beckons us to sync up with it by pausing to simply breathe as we listen deeply and then, fearlessly question with continued curiosity HOW we can best live this life. Fearless questioning values the inherent mystery of existence, guiding us to affirm the intelligence of the heart as we make courageous choices.