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Music + Mantra Collaborative Events
Starting in November 2017!
New York, NY

Details coming soon!  Many live and interactive events are in the works.

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A Weekly Time/Place TBA Soon!

The question, “Why Meditate?”  seems to be a growing topic in conversation, and the simplest explanation might be to just be.

The simplicity of this particular explanation also presents a paradoxical complication, for our lives, as we experience them, are a constant flow of ideas, exchanges and relationships.

Therefore,  the intention to meditate holds the space to pause, breathe and notice that we are both being and becoming.  The great tantric traditions do present our existence as a pulsing, creative, never-ending unfolding of consciousness as everything and everyone.

During our time together we will experiment with a variety of meditation techniques as learned by Elizabeth from her primary meditation and philosophy teacher, master Sally Kempton.  Sally’s much celebrated book, Meditation for the Love of It with be our primary resource.

In this class we will learn and practice a number of subtle and powerful contemplative and meditative techniques, all designed to help us open ourselves to the sacred and equip us with tools we can use to nurture, cultivate, and expand our awareness through every cell of the body/mind . The techniques will include: finding the space or madhya between breaths; mantra chanting; tonglen (a Tibetan esoteric breathing and visualization practice designed to cultivate altruism and universal compassion); grounding and centering methods; and pranayama.  There will also be time for contemplative questions and conscious conversation.

We are open to welcoming all who are interested including seasoned practitioners, brand new beginners, including those skeptical and dubious.

Please email us at with any questions.


Dates Coming Soon!

The First Degree of Reiki, commonly known as “Level 1” is the foundational training of a system of healing developed in Japan in the early 20th century. The Japanese words Rei and Ki point to a subtle, wise and healing life force energy which is natural within each of us. The system of Reiki uses an non-invasive touch which greets this natural healing force. It is an excellent self-care practice, bringing balance and vitality. Self-care is a primary focus of Reiki First Degree. When practiced regularly, Reiki has been known to transform mental, emotional and physical health to well-being.

Please note that since Reiki is neither dogmatic nor religious, it can be practiced by anyone.

Elizabeth Rossa received her Reiki Master Level from the esteemed Reiki Master Wendy Miner, who is integral in Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Integrative Medicine Department.

For yoga teachers and massage therapists, Reiki 1 can be a powerful evolution in hands-on assists and practices.

This initiation/training will be limited to 5 registrants.