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Love At Every Sight

Posted on December 28th, 2010

A week ago, on the night of the full moon eclipse, I was high above the brightly lit clouds flying home from a moody Maui which was flush with rain and wind after days of sun.  I was exhausted from a cold that had crept into my bones as the weather shifted on the last day of a retreat with one of my most beloved teachers, Ram Dass.

Despite the exhaustion, my spirits were good.  I felt open with a love of life “as it is” which is distinctly an after-effect of having spent time with a man who over-flows more fully with humor and unconditional love every time I see him.  I hesitate to write anymore without sounding spiritually saccharine, and yet I want to clarify how absolutely in awe I am of the sweetness that begins to pour out of my most cynical of bones when I am in the radiant presence of RD.

Is it because he affectionately refers to his paralized condition as “being stroked”? Is it because he gracefully waits until he has exactly the right words to express his thoughts? Is it because he smiles fully, generously returning my “I love you” with an “I love you too” without the slightest bit of hesitation?

On this particular retreat, I was also privileged to be part of the retreat teaching faculty, so it was especially poignant to be under the umbrella of such wisdom and humility.

Love Serve Remember

As I humbly begin my 10th year of teaching yoga, I will enquire:
What is to be Love?
How does one Serve in every moment?
What Remembrances will invite me to Be Here Now?


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