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SALLY KEMPTON – Meditation For The Love Of It

Posted on January 11th, 2011

There has been no doubt in my mind for many years now that Sally Kempton is one of the greatest living meditation teachers.  Added emphasis on the word “living” is critical to understanding that she and the teachings she shares are vibrantly alive with Kundalini Shakti.

For those of us who have had the opportunity to attend Sally’s courses since she began teaching independently in 2002, the transmission is palpable.  There is a subtle, loving current of wisdom in every word and gesture.  Now, the gift of her new book, Meditation For The Love Of It, has arrived just in time for 2011 with a potent dose of that wisdom.

As a dedicated, on-going student of Sally’s, I am simultaneously privileged and daunted by the prospect of blogging about my experience of her book.  How can one truly explain the unexplainable: that Sally’s teachings and guidance literally altered the course of my life.  It seems over the top, right?  And, yet, when I opened my advance copy of the book to her Introduction, I was immediately catapulted into a meditative state by the end of the first sentence: “One summer afternoon during a meditation retreat, I discovered that I contain the entire universe.”

Even if I never had studied with Sally, to contemplate the ability to “contain the entire universe” is provocative enough for me to enter a place of deep stillness.  The book immediately succeeded in guiding me to meditate.  Now, I realize that one sentence may not be enough for someone else.  In fact, it may not have been for me either at another time in my life.  The wonderful news is that I am willing to wager that somewhere in the subsequent 13 chapters, and or in the final Troubleshooting Guide, a spark will be ignited to go on your own great adventure of the Self.

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