VANITY: Sublime treatments for every body part, from scalp to quads, brows to toes.

March 14-21, 2005: New York Magazine, Best of New York

Next-Generation Yoga
443 Greenwich St. (212-343-9642)
The megastudios that led New York’s yoga explosion have spawned numerous descendants.  Some, like Om Yoga, have become behemoths in their own right, but there are still places to go that simply have good classes with attentive instructors, minus the electronic key cards and signature bottled-water pretensions.  A standout in the newest crop is Shriyoga, housed in a sumptuous 3,500-square-foot loft on a quiet Tribeca block.  Founded late last year, Shri offers both vinyasa (once called “power yoga”) and anusara (a more complex, anatomically precise practice designed by much-admired guru John Friend).  Proprietors Elizabeth Rossa and Sadie Nardini are defectors from Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon, and not all of their following has made it down to the lower West Side yet, so you can still get that almost ideal mix of small class plus new ideas plus lots of personal attention.