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WOMEN IN N.Y. INTERVIEW as seen in many Japanese publications

Shriyoga owner and instructor Elizabeth Rossa
She practices a mentally and physically beautiful life through yoga.
Elizabeth Rossa remodeled an old warehouse in Tribeca in the autumn of 2004, and opened Shri Yoga. She is taking an active part as an owner and as an instructor.  We asked her the story of her work…

Before opening Shri Yoga, I worked as an actress.  I had trained in yoga for 11 years before I opened this studio in 2004. I currently practice mostly “Anusara yoga” as developed and taught by John Friend. “Anusara yoga” is based on Tantric philosophy. It tells you that there is good and beauty in everything in the world. It is teaches to view life affirmatively. Two weeks ago, we were lucky to have John Friend come and teach here at Shri Yoga. In yoga, even a teacher continues learning, and that is continually exciting and inspiring.

I made up my mind to open yoga studio because of “ 9.11”. At that time,  the people of New York were in a state of despair. I wanted to tell people not to give up through teaching yoga. I chose the Tribeca area near Ground Zero as the place of my studio. Several of my students were working at that building on 9.11 of 2001.

This studio was originally a warehouse, built in the late 1800’s. We did a lot of remodeling before our opening in 2004. The pillars in the warehouse were painted white with many coats of paint over the years. However, we peeled it off to reveal the beautiful original wood.

About 400 students a week come to the class. In this area, there are a lot of doctorate students and artists, etc. I often say to my students, “Embrace your life closely.”  Through my practice of yoga I have come to think “How do you live in this time NOW?”  I feel that time flows more slowly, my body is able to soften as I go throughout my day.

I hope to expand the community that is forming around this studio and help more people use yoga to improve their lives. You can access your inner world through yoga, and really notice the importance of your existence.